We oppose Biochar.

We support responsible growth and business development in the Town of Moreau. Saratoga Biochar Solutions and projects that will have negative impacts to resident's quality of life and our environment are just not right for the Town of Moreau.

We are opposed to untried, unproven projects such as Saratoga Biochar Solutions proposed fertilizer facility. This project is looking to build a fertilizer production plant in the Moreau Industrial Park. They will truck in 15% of the entire state’s sewage sludge (biosolids), 720 tons daily, 6 days a week, mostly from NYC, along with sewage sludge from other neighboring states.

This $12 million, 24 hour a day, 6 day a week carbon fertilizer plant proposed in 3 phases was first introduced as including a wood chip receiving and processing center servicing the town of Moreau and Saratoga County. In the other 2 phases, the sewage sludge would be delivered via truck to the industrial park and by using a "proprietary process" made into a carbon fertilizer. There will be three (3) 110 foot smokestacks adding to the Town of Moreau skyline.

The Clean Air Action Network of Glens Falls filed a lawsuit under Article 78 against the Town of Moreau Planning Board. The Planning Board erred in relying on the well-intentions of Saratoga Biochar Solutions and the lawsuit seeks to have the Planning Board follow a common sense approach and one that is REQUIRED BY LAW---an approach the Planning Board did not follow. The case is currently being heard in court.

Current Town leadership along with the SEDC welcomed this project here. School taxes on the lots at the Moreau Industrial Park are payable to Hudson Falls, NOT to the Town of Moreau. Residents' concerns and fears went unanswered by Supervisor Todd Kusnierz and most of The Moreau Town Board. Councilman Donohue has spoken out against the project.

We strongly feel that this project is just not right for the Town Of Moreau . We will listen to our residents and move forward in welcoming projects that are right for our town and with no quality of life or environmental impacts. We will take whatever action is necessary to assure that facilities such as these, that have such far-reaching, negative impacts on our environment and our resident's quality of life are not located in our town.

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